Hello everyone!!

I am pleased to let you know as of today (4th july) our single “Breakfast in Spitalfields” is out on itunes, ready for purchase, pre-orders, streaming, you name it!

It has been amazing to see the response so far. In Radio 2 it featured as “record of the week” and now playlisted also, and i tell you, it feels awesome! To hear the guys on the radio, is almost like having flashbacks of moments of hard work, struggle, laughs, mistakes, anecdotes and a long time coming!

Gradually hearing the djs pronouncing my name better has also made me chuckle, I am by now very used to this as you can imagine. JUAN (spitting it out in a spanish way, not softening it as in french) and then ZELADA…..been getting the games console ZELDA, salad and ZELEEEDA…all good though!

So folks, if you want to support the cause, the band, the project and us moving onwards and upwards, tell your buddies to get the single!!!

You can also check out the new official video for the song on youtube!

Big massive thank you to everyone involved!

all my love,




Hello people. It’s been a while since I wrote anything. I’ve been busy recording my new EP and thinking of new ways to improve the way I work. In this sense I’ve made the decission to incorporate my blogging diatribes to my Website and upgrade to a wordpress.org blog which gives me a lot more options. This means that this old blog is history and all its content has gone to juanzelada.com/blog where I’ll renew my activity and offer wonderful new thingies.

If you were so kind to link to me before or add my site to your Blogroll please update the old URL to the new one and if you were getting tired of my nonsense then it’s your lucky day.

Anyway, goodbye to juanzelada.wordpress.com hello juanzelada.com/blog.